"...I feel confident knowing that you are helping us out. I told Joshua it has been a while since I felt like our IT was under control. Thanks for the peace of mind. Thank You, Mary"

"Hey Josh, Just wanted to send a huge thank you to you for your great, expert service. John and I fight over the laptop every day. Maybe he will finally buy one for his job! Tell your wife hello for me and gives the twins a huge kiss. Thanks, Nancy"

"Hi Josh! First, just wanted to say it was nice meeting you yesterday. Second, my computer is working BEAUTIFULLY!!! It's so quick now. I'm not used to that! It's actually a PLEASURE to use it! Now I know who to call if I have any problems. I certainly will refer you to friends if they have computer problems. Again, thanks and good luck with the twins!!!! Ann"

"Hi Josh, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Was able to send document from PC following your instructions - hooray! Take care, Marcia "

"Hello Josh, I want to take this time to thank you for taking care of us. Annmarie LOVES her new computer and the wireless connection. We appreciate you and your company, and glad I saved that newspaper article (smile). Sincerely, Jerry"

"Marci & I both love what you built and are having so much fun with the computer. Now we can enjoy it since it runs so fast and well, rather than being frustrated. Thanks again for your great work… "

"Hi Josh - Jerry and I just wanted to say "thank you" for coming by today at such short notice and straightening out all of our computers......especially my work one. After you fixed it, it never kicked me off again and the speed was fantastic! Thank you so much; that makes a HUGE difference in the amount of work I can get done. And it cuts down the aggravation factor in being logged off and losing what I was working on. Fabulous job Josh....as always."

Hi Josh, Thanks for coming yesterday.  I know it was short notice, but really glad you could make it.  I see a difference already.  Anytime you need a good word, tell them to call me!  You are the best!  I've never had the faith in a repair person that I have in you!  Anytime someone talks about a computer problem I tell them to call you! Sincerely, Esther "

I was on the cover of the Union Leader.  Click here for the full article.

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